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Tammy Parks-Legge Clay Artist

Tammy Parks-Legge

Potter/Clay Artist

Internationally recognized clay artist Tammy Parks-Legge makes her home in Stony Plain, Alberta.

She is the mother of 2 amazing boys that she enjoyed homeschooling through much of their school years.  Together, as a family, many loads have been fired in the crossdraft woodkiln.  Her husband, Devin has been instrumental in tweeking the process of firing the kiln to have it running at its best every load.  A firing is completed in 12-13 hours and approximately a cord of wood is consumed throughout that time!

She enjoys firing in two different kilns (electric & wood) because she gets completely different results from each.  The electric kiln provides brightly colored, vibrant pottery that is both whimsical and fun while being completely functional (oven, dishwasher and microwave safe) at the same time.  The woodkiln yields beautiful, golden pieces covered in wood ash.  While also being completely functional the woodfired pieces have an individual uniqueness due to the reduction atmosphere in the woodfiring,  This produces iron speckling in the clay and flashing on the pieces that are different from shelf to shelf!  It is always a surprise to open either kiln and see the results from firing to firing.

Phone: 780-968-2606